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Are You a Small Business Owner Who
Understands that Increased CASH FLOW
Will Result From a Better Accounting System

Hi! My name is Toni and I am passionate about helping Small Business Owners overcome their financial challenges. This is why I offer bookkeeping, Quickbooks tutoring and have a specialty in Forensic Accounting.

Your success in business drives everything we do.

We offer excellent accounting services to all sizes of business.

  • Every business needs the stability that good bookkeeping and records management brings into your life.
  • We can recognize existing problems or potential issues just by reviewing your books.
  • We provide you with monthly financial statements that reflect your terminology.

Cash in the bank gives you freedom!

  • Proper cashflow management will ensure that your business can thrive.
  • We manage your cashflow through all business cycle highs and lows.
  • Bizresources can help you protect your cash from the unstable economic conditions that surround your business.
  • Our constant awareness of cash means that all our services are aimed directly at making you more successful, wealthy and stable right now.

A business operating without considering tax issues is at-risk for both lost opportunities as well as over paying taxes.

  • Learn to use the federal tax code as a business tool.
  • Understanding your tax return structure and information provides a good planning tool.
  • Current depreciation rules can be your friend or your foe.
  • The useful life of many business assets will often create opportunities for sheltering income through the mechanism of depreciation.

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