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About the Owner Toni Ellsworth

Accounting Services BeavertonToni Ellsworth has been solving business management problems for more than thirty years. She has a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Marylhurst University and has been successful in re-designing accounting departments and installing industry-specific software. She has developed billing systems for service based firms, work-in-progress construction payments or loan draws and products shipped via trucking operations.

Ms. Ellsworth has specialized work experience in numerous industries including:

  • Manufacturing plastic pipe and fittings
  • Aerospace metals subcontractor with Defense Contracts
  • Hotel/motel management
  • Gasoline delivery and oil derivative brokerage
  • Commercial real estate management
  • Mobile home park management
  • Commercial, retail and residential construction management
  • Retail merchandise accounting methods and consolidated tax returns
  • Fitness facilities management
  • Architecture Services

Specialized Areas of Assistance

Taxation Support

Ms. Ellsworth has helped small business owners understand the concept and rules for all taxes. She has assisted many business taxpayers successfully respond and conclude an IRS inquiry or a complete audit. She has worked tirelessly to recreate lost data as well as obtain copies of missing documents.

Legal Arena

Ms. Ellsworth has provided attorneys with facts and evidence to be used in lawsuits and, often, those documents supplied to the court have moved both parties closer to negotiating a settlement. Both defendants and plaintiffs have experienced lower legal costs using Ms. Ellsworth’s assistance in the discovery phase and in preparing for court appearances.

Business Management

Ms. Ellsworth has created cash management systems that allow business owners a view into the future. Decisions on every aspect of business operations begin and end with understanding the impact on cash flow. Projecting the source and the use of cash is always a moving target and Toni has a proven record of presenting estimates that help guide business owners to make safer decision.

Human resources departments are both an economic system as well as an emotionally translucent area for any business, large or small. Using a collaborative process to gain the consensus of both owners and personnel, Ms. Ellsworth has created clear and concise employee manuals. She has instituted performance review systems, set-up 401K programs, educated employees on their rights and responsibilities.

Appointments and Affiliations

Toni Ellsworth has served as a Board member or volunteer for public and non-profit agencies:

  • Appointed by Governor Kulongonski to Oregon State Board of Tax Practitioners, Public Member, term 4/1/2007 thru 6/30/2009
  • ASTRA – an affiliate of WBENC – Certification Committee for women business enterprises
  • Past-Treasurer of Women Entrepreneurs of Oregon 2010-2011
  • HCA – Hillsboro Community Arts
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Housing Authority of Washington County, Advisory Board
  • WCCLS – Washington County’s library system, Advisory Board


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