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Cash in the bank gives you freedom!

9 Ways to Increase Cash Flow For Small Business Growth

Cashflow Idea No. 1. Use ‘cashflow’ sales checklists.
For sales people, get them to ask every single customer to make another ‘add-on’ purchase with the one they’ve already made. A great way to do this is to have a shopping ‘checklist’ of what the customer could buy. 

Cashflow Idea No. 2. Use ‘cashflow’ payment checklists.
For your administration team. Have a checklist of your customers and when their payments are due. Set up reminder e-mails/sms’s/and faxes for each customer to ensure their payment is received on time.

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Proper cashflow management will ensure that your small business can thrive. Bizresources can help you protect your cash from the unstable economic conditions that surround your business. Our constant awareness of cash means that all our services are aimed directly at making you more successful, wealthy and stable right now.

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