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Our Services

We work with small to mid-sized business owners to help you create more cash flow and profit in your business.

We do this by supporting you and educating you on how to best manage, organize and keep your books, financials, accounting, taxes and more.

If you’re in business for yourself and you still don’t have an accountant or at least a bookkeeper on your team yet, you want to consider adding one as soon as possible. We can be your partner to creating much more success for you.

If you’re in business for yourself and you do have an accountant and/or bookkeeper, that’s great. If you know you need more support, more education or more resources however, come and talk with us. We have an extensive background in many areas regarding tax, accounting and even forensic accounting and we are passionate about helping business owners grow your business. 

Important Questions to Consider:

Everybody has business questions that need fast and proven answers.

  • Should we buy or lease assets?
  • Should we take on new clients that might put pressure on our current operation?
  • Have we maximized cost cutting possibilities?
  • How far into the future have you projected essential financial factors?
  • Is your accounting system efficient, reliable and easy to access for reports and financial statements?
  • Do you spend too much time on accounting related tasks?

Here’s how Bizresources can help:


Our services are customized for your business as well as you, the owner. We accommodate current and future needs and coordinate with you for a suitable price range.

For some larger or more established companies we serve as your outsourced CFO where we handle all financial accounting, tax management and more and we work with you consistently as a big part of your team to help you achieve your overall big picture business and revenue goals.

For other companies much newer in business we can start by managing your bookkeeping every month so you stay organized, up to date and are ready for tax time accordingly. Plus with this service we offer ongoing consulting and advice with expenses, investments and running your business like a smooth-running, moneymaking machine.

For companies in the middle, not quite ready for a CFO yet but you need more than just bookkeeping, we will work out a schedule of tasks and assignments necessary to take you and your business to the next level as efficiently and affordably as possible.


You will have access to the latest information about tracking business trends in your industry & current tax laws that affect your company. We are passionate about supporting you on every level necessary regardless if you know what you need or not. We do! 


Our wide range of experience and continuing education will provide you with solid and reliable information in order for you to make the best decisions that benefit your company. We specialize in Federal and State Tax Laws, Forensic Accounting and are Certified Quickbooks Pro Advisors.


We partner with professionals in all industries and at every level of expertise that will match your needs. If you need marketing support, we have associates to refer you to. If you need legal advice, we have associates that can assist you. Consider us a resource to your business and your team, we’re here to help.

Here’s how Bizresources can help:


  • Small Business
  • Corporate America
  • Individuals
  • Survivors of a deceased person


  • Understand the motives behind the taxes you pay
  • Learn to track documentation needed for a tax audit


  • Supply your attorney with facts and documentation
  • Finding an attorney
  • Define your risks and liability
  • Review your corporate record keeping habits


  • Focus your attention on CASH
  • Find the best lenders for your needs
  • Define your benefits from any insurance program
  • Reexamine your relationship with employees
  • Discover how employee benefits can increase productivity
  • Employers need to take a moment to discover their own productivity

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paper-iconContact us today for a free one hour consultation about how can meet your specific needs. We are adept at hunting down just the right solution for your accounting needs and can help you create a specific accounting strategy that can give you more time and peace of mind.